Monday, 13 October 2014


Hi friends! Welcome to my blog!

The other day at school, a colleague cheerfully exclaimed: “Jess I read an article about you! Wow! You seem to be sweaty all the time – I’m so glad this running thing is working out for you!” Her heart was in the right place, but this was all the motivation I needed to get the wheels turning as to how to let my friends and family know about my training, racing, and unique adventures I've been experiencing as of late. (This was also all the motivation I needed to start wearing regular clothing rather than comfy running gear 24/7, but that’s another story).

Seriously though, it’s occurred to me lately how interesting being a high performance athlete is, both in competition and training and in the lifestyle we find ourselves falling into. I have Olympic-sized goals, and I’d love to share my stories with you!